Webinar: Malware Isolation – Next Generation Browser Security


November 2016


James Cranfield, M&E Sales Account Manager, OvationData

Bill Gardner, VP – Products, Cyberinc


View the webinar where we shares and discuss:


  • How IslaTM, Cyberinc’s enterprise class solution can benefit your organization

  • How to ensure all browser-borne malware is isolated outside of your network

  • Ways to protect your organization from the biggest vector threat around today

IslaTM is an advanced web malware isolation system that prevents all untrusted web code, including known and unknown web malware from entering the corporate network, while delivering a familiar end user experience. Isla supports all enterprise endpoints. It can replace your existing browser, or isolate and secure individual tabs in your current browser.


  • Completely eliminates the #1 attack vector used by cyber criminals

  • Reduces unnecessary IT costs for detection, forensics, remediation

  • Scalable to support any multiple number of users and locations

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