Tape transcription


It's a fact of life that virtually all types of media data will become unreadable if left untouched for years. The industry or accepted “standard” for data storage is constantly evolving and often differs between continent, regions, country or organisation.


OvationData specialises in the transcription and re-mastering of data from old tape media for output on to the latest industry-standard media. Data is then protected against decay and obsolescence of old media or drives, thus ensuring it is more accessible for use.


Supporting and transcending more than 50 years of tape technology, OvationData has the most comprehensive selection of tape drives and devices in the world.  From open reel tapes to closed reel 4mm and 8mm Exabytes, right through to DigiBeta, Umatic, VHS, HDCam, DLT, LTO and 3480/ 3490 tape technologies – OvationData have all EOL (end of life) tape media covered.


OvationData can copy data in any format, and onto virtually any media, while ensuring real-time quality control throughout the transcription process.


Once transcribed, data can then be converted and reformatted as required. Data can be edited by selecting specific file ranges, and/or concatenated by copying many inputs on to a single output