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Develops data storage solutions that solve the problem of short and long-term digital preservation for business and technology professionals dealing with exponential data growth. Spectra has been dedicated solely to storage innovation for 40 years.


Object Storage

BlackPearl Converged Storage Systems - 

BlackPearl is a feature-rich software in a purpose-built hardware platform that facilitates modern storage by combining multiple standard interfaces and storage targets into a simple and affordable solution designed for diverse workflows.


It allows data to move seamlessly into disk, tape, and cloud storage in a way not previously possible. To meet the demands of exponential data growth and long-term retention, BlackPearl enables users to easily store large data sets forever at virtually no cost.










BlackPearl Object Storage Disk  - 

The product delivers long-term disk-only storage for the price of tape. Powered by Spectra’s BlackPearl Converged Storage System, BlackPearl Object Storage Disk provides organisations with object-based, disk storage that scales in capacity and performance with a very low total cost of ownership (TCO).


Engineered for data reliability and integrity, Spectra’s unique implementation of ZFS software brings new life to disk storage. It creates an on-premise cloud with a Spectra S3 interface to make archive storage more accessible. And the 12TB disk drive extends storage capacities to more than 10 petabytes (PB) in a single solution.

BlackPearl NAS - 

Affordable Enterprise Storage. The Optimal Platform for mid-tier data as it provides self-protecting, affordable secondary storage for data that does not require continual backup.  BlackPearl NAS can be upgraded to a Spectra BlackPearl Converged Storage System.


Check out the all New Spectra StorCycle

SpectraStack Stackable Automated Tape Library Built with maximum flexibility at its core, the all-new Spectra Stack Tape Library from Spectra Logic will meet your backup, archive and perpetual storage requirements. Designed to be easily installed, expanded and managed, the Spectra Stack is rated at a 100% duty cycle – meaning it is one of the only stackable libraries built to perform in a 24/7 environment. Spectra Stack starts as a 6U library with 1 to 6 LTO tape drives and 10 to 80 LTO tape slots. Each module of the Spectra Stack holds an additional 10 to 80 tape slots and 1 to 6 tape drives. Scalable from 10 to 560 tape slots and 1 to 42 tape drives, users can store more than 6.7PB (16.7PB compressed*) of data in a fully expanded Spectra Stack library. This extreme flexibility provides affordability and expandability without compromise.

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T950 - designed and built to meet the stringent requirements of the enterprise for data integrity, data security and high reliability. The T950 library reduces staff involvement significantly, affordably scales in capacity and throughput, and delivers the best Total Cost of Ownership of any tape solution.



















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Spectra TFinity ExaScale -

Tape Library unsurpassed storage density and the smallest footprint of any enterprise library. TFinity’s highly efficient three-dimensional tape storage design delivers a 50 percent reduction in data center floor space by utilizing innovative Terapacks in place of individual tape cartridges. Each TFinity includes two High Performnace Transporters, which are elegant and well-built robotic pickers that provide superior reliability, performance and flexibility.

Designed to address the needs of organizations with exponential data growth, such as media and entertainment, high performance computing and traditional IT, the Spectra TFinity ExaScale provides customers with performance, reliability and flexibility at a lower price point.

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