OvationData Partners with Jet Digital to launch JetStream to the UK’s Media & Entertainment Industry

OvationData Partners with Jet Digital to launch the JetStream file acceleration platform to the UK’s Media & Entertainment Industry.

OvationData, leading solutions provider within the UK’s M&E Industry and Jet Digital, a technology company focused on making file transfer easier, announced a strategic partnership.

This partnership will help OvationData further amplify and maximise the value of its core offerings by helping customers transfer large media files at blazing speed, reliably, securely and with ease and simplicity. The JetStream platform connects people, places, and technology, It’s a robust yet simplified file transfer solution that helps your teams in locations around the world collaborate faster and better, especially through digital workflow automation.

“Jet Digital is excited to partner with OvationData to deliver the JetStream file acceleration platform to their Media & Entertainment customers in the UK. Through JetStream, OvationData can help clients realise the benefits of automation with an easy and affordable way to embed file acceleration within their workflows. We’re especially pleased to see our respective teams aligned on our commitment to providing powerful technology tools and leading service.”

About OvationData

OvationData provides sophisticated and scalable data management solutions for customers worldwide. They provide personal service throughout the project life-cycle from strategy building to deployment and support.

For more information, please visit: www.ovationdata.net

About Jet Digital

Jet Digital is re-imagining high-speed file transfer with JetStream, a purpose-built technology platform for moving large files quickly, reliably, and securely to help organisations better connect and collaborate. Purposeful design and a relentless customer focus are at the core of the JetStream experience, from the ease of its deployment and use, to the peace of mind provided by unparalleled service and support. For more information, visit https://gojetstream.io.

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