Ransomware is just the tip of the iceberg!

Organisations around the globe were attacked this weekend with a new strain of Ransomware Worm that automatically spreads itself throughout the network once a single system is compromised. More than 200,000 attacks including the takedown of many UK NHS hospitals, manufacturing organisations and power plants were recorded on Friday, 12th May.

This time the attackers relied on the inability of those organisations that have to schedule patches and updates weeks and sometimes months in advance to maintain the availability of important systems to quickly update critical infrastructure.

In order to effectively guard against Ransomware and the other advanced cyber-threats plaguing your business, security teams need to implement a solution that offers a 100% isolation-based approach.

Unlike other offerings, Isla® , a solution specifically engineered to combat web-based, malware doesn't rely on detection methodologies at all. Instead, Isla® is build based on the assumption that ALL web content is malicious and should be isolated before it reaches your network.

To learn more about how Isla® can protect you from becoming the latest statistic in the escalating cyber war email James Cranfield to request a demonstration or to request our latest White Paper.





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