Hat Trick Productions choose system integrator OvationData to help them select and implement an arch

OvationData have announced the implementation of a full Spectra Logic solution into Hat Trick Productions one of the UK’s most successful independent production companies to manage their growing archive requirements backing up all their media, final shows and Avid edits to Spectra Verde - BlackPearl - T120 Tape Library managing over 100tb of live data and over 500tb of archived data connected via a 10Gb backbone.

Matthew Tegg, Post Production Technical Manager, Hat Trick explains,

We use high volumes of storage due to types of programming we make. Factual programming requires hundreds of hours of video footage to be stored live for months on end and high end drama's can often shoot in very data intensive camera RAW formats. This all needs to be backed up on a daily basis and available until the end of the production. The challenges were constantly having to manage our online storage running out of available space and would be forced to circulate media onto the less available storage which became very labor intensive.

The goal was for us to be able to keep all of our media available, Archive as easily as possible from a resources perspective and have all archived material in an efficient and usable database, In a cost affective scalable media storage environment.

This was the first project we had undertaken with OvationData and they really proved their worth, not only in expert sales advice but also in being offered a tailored solution and being given an impartial view of multiple products before choosing our path. Then once we had chosen Spectra being helped along the process due to Ovation’s great business relationships with them offering us invaluable expertise and knowledge. Together we have implemented a scalable, dependable solution that meets the growing demand for our storage requirements.

James Cranfield, M&E Sales Account Manager OvationData,

It has been great working on this project with Hat Trick over the past 12 months ensuring we provide them with the best solution that fits their workflow and budget and the Spectra Logic solution ticked all the boxes technically, cost effectively and importantly the full end to end solution under one provider.

For us being one of the first implementers of Spectra Logic’s BlackPearl Solution into Media we are confident with the technology and know that Hat Trick have made the correct choice for their requirements and its been great to be part of that journey with them.

About Hat Trick Productions

Located in the heart of Camden with over 120 employees, Hat Trick is one of the UK's most successful independent production companies, Founded in 1986 it is owned by Jimmy Mulville and makes popular scripted, entertainment and factual programming. www.hattrick.co.uk

About OvationData

OvationData provides sophisticated and scalable data management solutions for customers worldwide. They provide personal service throughout the project lifecycle – from strategy building to deployment and support. www.ovationdata.net

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