Isla Cloud Service


Defending against web browser attacks has been a challenge for security professionals. Traditional anti-malware tools are ill suited to protect against todays’ advanced browser exploits and require a new approach to effectively counter these threats. Isla Cloud delivers breakthrough protection by isolating all web content outside your network putting the attack surface of your endpoints outside the reach of attackers. 

Isla Cloud Benefits and Requirements

The Isla Cloud solution provides a quick and easy way to benefit from the capabilities of the Isla Malware Isolation System. Hosted by OvationData, the Isla Cloud delivers the same capabilities as a production system hosted on your premises or in your private cloud facilities without the time and costs associated with purchasing, deploying and maintaining your own infrastructure 




OvationData partners with Cyberinc to launch Isla® Cloud Malware Isolation to defeat advanced cyber attacks in UK



Unmatched Protection 

Isla’s layered isolation architecture defeats known and unknown attacks targeted at the web browser and vulnerable plugins or extensions.


When deployed by an Isla Managed Service Provider Isla Cloud delivers unmatched security without the headaches of deploying and managing your own infrastructure.

Breadth of Coverage 

Isla provides protection for all corporate endpoints including Windows, Mac and Unix.

Ease of Use 

Isla client solutions are powerful, secure and easy to use.

Quick Time to Value 

The Isla Cloud solution installs in minutes, not weeks or months allowing you increase your security immediately. 

For further information contact:

James Cranfield

Sales Account Manager