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Space re-defines Central Media Storage


GB Labs’ range of Space products represents 15 years of storage innovation in the media industry. All of their solutions have been developed to solve ‘real world’ needs - designed with customers, for customers.



GB Labs created Super Tier 0 to fulfil the needs of the most demanding workgroups. Working with file formats such as 4K and DPX particularly in a shared working environment puts a huge strain on traditional hard disc drives (HDD). This is why we have created an entirely solid state drive (SSD) system which is Super Tier 0.

Our SSD range of Space media storage can achieve data rates in excess of 9000MB/s and is proven in multi-user 8K environments and the largest creative workgroups. What is more, because there are no moving parts the system will run virtually maintenance free.

Tier 1

Space storage enables HD editors, colorists, graphic artists, motion graphics developers and sound professionals to work collaboratively on projects and share files with total security and no compromise on performance.

Space outperforms competitive systems in terms of ease of expansion, scalability, support and we are confident we can beat any other system in speed. Our own operating system has been designed to allow creatives to manage their workflow with minimum technical support.


Tier 2

Nearline, Tier 2, parking, disaster recovery or backup. What do you call yours?

As you know, keeping old projects and rushes on your expensive online storage will not only slow the system down but increase the chances of having to expand your system, not something your Finance Director would like.

This is where an intelligent nearline solution comes into play, think of it as ‘belt and braces’. GB Labs Space systems sit happily in the background taking snapshots of your Tier 1 storage, parking that data securely before sending it off to LTO Archive.

Should the unthinkable happen and your online is no longer ‘online’ your creatives can be linked to the Tier 2 nearline ensuring business continuity and minimal downtime.



Space SSD
Mini SSD