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S-Series gives you flexible, ultra-high performance scale-out NAS storage for high transactional and IOPS-intensive needs. Extensive multiprotocol capabilities support a wide range of high-performance computing applications. Performance scales to more than 3.75 million IOPS in a single cluster.


S210 is the Isilon range's most powerful, highest performing scale-out NAS platform optimised for high-performance computing workloads.






Get the perfect balance of high performance and large capacity with versatile X-Series scale-out NAS storage. Scale from 18 TB to over 20 PB in a single volume, with total throughput of up to 200 GB per second. Support a wide range of applications on a single cluster. Ideal for storage consolidation.


The Isilon X210 is simple to manage, highly efficient, and a great way to start with the industry’s #1 scale-out NAS platform.


Choose EMC Isilon X410 scale-out NAS for high performance and massive capacity in a wide range of workloads. Scale to 20 PB in a single volume.






NL-Series offers highly economical storage for large-scale unstructured data sets. Ideal for nearline storage and active archiving workloads. Unmatched efficiency with a storage utilization rate of more than 80%. Data deduplication further reduces storage requirements by as much as 35%.


The NL410 reduces costs, safeguards data, and provides fast access to archived data when needed. Scales easily to 30 PB in a cluster.










HD-Series provides massive scalability, robust data protection, and high density to deep archiving. Density of more than 3 PB per rack helps reduce operating costs for power, cooling, and floor space up to 50%. Simple to manage and highly efficient, with over 80% storage utilization.


With exceptional efficiency and data protection, the HD400 is a great choice for long-term data retention. Scales to 50 PB in one cluster.









IsilonSD - Software-defined


The EMC IsilonSD family of software-defined storage products leverages the power of Isilon scale-out NAS and the Isilon OneFS operating system. Tightly integrated with VMware ESX and vCenter for simplified management, IsilonSD enables use of commercial off-the-shelf hardware to store, manage, protect, and analyze unstructured data.


IsilonSD Edge extends your data lake to edge locations to consolidate data and support a wide range of 2nd and 3rd platform applications.


Extend your data lake to edge locations with IsilonSD Edge, software-defined storage with the power and efficiency of Isilon, the #1 scale-out NAS.