Game-changing Technology 


Cyberinc offerings include secure, scalable, high performance security products that protect from cyber-attacks, and services that help enterprises transition to next generation access management systems. Our flagship product offering, the Isla Malware Isolation platform can help deliver 100% web freedom from malware based attacks and our comprehensive IAM solutions have secured over 100 million identities for world’s leading corporations in the last 20 years. Combining our “best in class” products and services enables clients to effectively address their toughest cyber security challenges.

Isla Malware Isolation System, It's the end of web malware and the beginning of web freedom.

Isla® - Spanish for island - is the first enterprise-class security solution that effectively isolates and eliminates all browser-borne malware. Essentially, we put the browser on its own island outside your network, so that users inside your network can enjoy a safe web experience without fear of web malware attacks. We’ve calmed the waters of the web – smooth sailing ahead!




Isla Appliance


Isla creates secure, isolated web sessions for each user.


Deployed in your DMZ, Isla hosts a secure browser that processes all web content requests within isolated VMs created for each user session. Content is continuously transformed and delivered to end users in a secure format.




Isla works with all popular browsers and delivers an elegant multimedia web experience for all on-premise users running Windows, OSX, and Linux, as well as off-premise users with Android and IOS mobile devices.


Control Center


Centralised management of all your Isla isolation appliances.


Control Center is a unified console for managing Isla in your organization. It assists in your configuring Isla appliances, provisioning and updating user accounts, monitoring system performance, and logging user activity.