George Cook - Global Head of Engineering - Smoke and Mirrors


"We have used Ovation's Lazarus service for the past two years, and is an integral part of the way we monitor our promotions"

Matthew Roberts - Head of Media Planning - ESPN

"We were looking to invest in Tier 2 storage and found OvationData to be excellent with dealing with the requirements needed. Not only were they able to provide the equipment but to have an in depth knowledge of helping migrate the system into a complex network with no hassle or fuss.  Delivery of material was fast and efficient with constant communication to the end result. Their customer service and engineering was outstanding.” 

Adam Morton - Head of Technical Operations - Platform Post

"OvationData prove their worth, not only in expert pre-sales advice but in reliable on-going support as well.  We worked closely with them, relying on their invaluable expertise and knowledge, in specifying our Isilon Storage Cluster that forms the heart of our powerful file based workflow for high-end feature films and television programmes. Together we have implemented a scalable, fast, dependable solution that meets the growing demand for storage volume, speed and connectivity that 4K and UHD post production presents.”

Richard Wilding - General Manager Technology - Molinare

"Smoke and Mirrors have worked with OvationData for over 15 years. They have always had the most impressive product portfolio and knowledge, at the same time understanding our business inside out. We’ve partnered with them for the vast majority of our most essential infrastructure, both in specifying and implementing. They always have the best contacts and relations with vendors partners, which always directly benefits us, the customer.” 




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